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Are you a Princeton area Girl Scout? 

IS YOUR TROOP (Fifth grade & up)

- Into Fashion?

- Interested in Recycle - Reuse?
- Curious about how a Retail Business works? 


Plato’s Closet Princeton offers free tours that can be customized to Troop Level and/or specific Badges.

An exciting one hour tour/visit to Plato’s Closet Princeton (weekday afternoons after school or Saturday mornings are preferable) where the girls will not only learn just what’s entailed in running a “Recycle-Reuse” Retail Business, but will also get some hands on “Visual Merchandizing” experience when they dress one of our mannequins to be displayed on our sales floor! 

They will see how our process of "recycle-reuse" works, how we buy in clothes, where we get them from, how we price them, who we sell them to and how the owner (a woman), employs mainly teenage girls to "buy" in these clothes since they are the ones who understand what is trending and what will sell!  They would end their visit by choosing clothes and accessories off the racks to dress a mannequin which will be displayed on our sales floor for one week.  They will go home with one of our "eco-friendly" bags as a souvenir. 

(Cost:  $0)

660 Nassau Park Blvd. Princeton, NJ - in Nassau Pavilion, down from Dicks sporting goods- right next to Party City.

Michele at (609) 731-4524 for more information or to book a tour!

We offer simple fundraisers for your club, team or group.

Do a "No Fuss" fundraiser for you club, team or group!

Plato's Closet Princeton pays your group money for gently used, currently trending, Teen & Young Adult clothing, Shoes & Accessories!! Set up is EASY! 

- Choose a date (a Sat. or Sun. 2-3 weeks in advance).

- Email us your group’s logo

- Get your confirm packet (via email).  It includes a flyer & trending images to distribute, along
with tips on how to get the most money from your event!

- Promote your Fundraiser by distributing the flyer w/trend images to group members, their friends & families, inviting them to stop by Plato’s on that date to drop off the cool & trendy items they’ve selected to sell for your Fundraiser!

- Coordinate ‘end-of-day pick-up’ for any items Plato’s Closet was unable to purchase from your group.

- Receive a check that SAME DAY for the total amount of items Plato’s was able to purchase from your group!!

Note: If members of your organization request a tax credit for their donation, this must be provided by the event coordinator, not Plato’s Closet Princeton.  Plato’s Closet is unable to provide an exact dollar amount purchased from a single individual, but is able to provide the number of bags an individual has ‘donated’.

Call and ask for Michele:  Plato’s Closet Princeton (609)285-2937 or email us! michele@platosclosetprinceton.com